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Frequently Asked Questions About Stained Glass Windows

Have you thought about installing stained glassed windows on your property? Stained glassed windows offer unparalleled beauty and elegance to homes and offices. They tell a unique story and provide a convenient but attractive way to control light. They are practical and are a great conversation topic. However, many questions arise from installing the windows to proper maintenance. Find […]

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Invest in Your Business with Stained Glass Windows

Boring storefronts are a dime a dozen. If you want to really stand out, getting stained glass windows can dramatically transform the appearance and atmosphere of your business. Sometimes, changing up your physical space can get potential customers, your employees and even yourself to look at the business in a different way. Read on to […]

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Different Ways Taking an Art Class Can Impact Your Life

Art education is an important part of any curriculum, even when you’re strictly a math-and-science kind of person. Whether you want to learn more about famous art, try your hand at painting or even enroll in local stained glass art classes in Monterey County, CA, taking an art class can impact your life. If you’ve […]

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