Frequently Asked Questions About Stained Glass Windows

Have you thought about installing stained glassed windows on your property? Stained glassed windows offer unparalleled beauty and elegance to homes and offices. They tell a unique story and provide a convenient but attractive way to control light. They are practical and are a great conversation topic. However, many questions arise from installing the windows to proper maintenance. Find out commonly asked questions about stained glass windows below.  

How Long Do Stained Glass Windows Last?

Stained glass windows are designed to last for generations. Technology is more advanced and modern than ever before, and it creates a durable product. Even in the past, stained glass windows were very durable. Panels from hundreds of years ago were still found intact. You should expect your stained glass windows to outlive you and your children.

How Do You Care for Stained Glass Windows?

Stained glass windows are typically installed inside an existing window, with the existing pane acting as a barrier to the elements. Stained glass windows are low maintenance and require dusting and light cleaning periodically. 

What Happens if I Decide to Sell My Home in the Future?

Stained glass windows can help improve the resale value of your home. Homes with stained glassed windows offer uniqueness and character that many other homes don’t have. Also, you can take your glass panes with you when you move if you would like to keep them. 

Can You Buy Stained Glass on a Budget?

The simple answer is yes. You can always determine the square footage of the window and whether you can afford the price. Another factor that affects cost is the intricacy of the design. You can always adjust the pattern to bring the price within your budget. 

Can Damaged Stained Glass Be Repaired?

Some cracked pieces can be replaced if the panel is accessible and in good condition. However, depending on the condition, the panel may need to be rebuilt entirely. 

Can Stained Glassed Windows Be Customized?

Yes. Many people create stained glass based on ideas and images they have seen. Customized stained glass adds character and personality to your project. 

How Can You Extend the Life of Stained Glass Windows? 

Once stained glass windows are installed, general maintenance steps should be completed. Every 20 years, the windows should be assessed and have general maintenance performed. General maintenance includes cleaning, weatherproofing, and documentation of the condition.