Which Glass Colors Cut Most Easily?

Anyone who has taken our stained glass art classes in Monterey County, CA learns quickly that some colors cut easier than others. This fact arises from the different properties of each glass color and the metal oxides used to create their hue. Some students like knowing ahead of time which glass colors will challenge them, […]

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What Exactly Is Stained Glass?

Many people assume stained glass is merely glass with color. However, it’s a bit more complicated than that. Anyone who shops for local glassmaking supplies in Monterey County, CA soon discovers the process that makes stained glass unique from the everyday glass you encounter in bare windows, bottles and jars. In fact, stained glass is […]

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Invest in Your Business with Stained Glass Windows

Boring storefronts are a dime a dozen. If you want to really stand out, getting stained glass windows can dramatically transform the appearance and atmosphere of your business. Sometimes, changing up your physical space can get potential customers, your employees and even yourself to look at the business in a different way. Read on to […]

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Different Ways Taking an Art Class Can Impact Your Life

Glass Class

Art education is an important part of any curriculum, even when you’re strictly a math-and-science kind of person. Whether you want to learn more about famous art, try your hand at painting or even enroll in local stained glass art classes in Monterey County, CA, taking an art class can impact your life. If you’ve […]

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