5 Things To Consider When You Order Custom Windows

There are many options for homeowners when they want to purchase new windows. These options include glass coatings, window styles and a variety of window manufacturers. But before you order your windows, there are a few things you should do to prepare your house or business. Whether you are getting new windows for a home or business, these 5 steps will help ensure the job goes smoothly. 

Take The Time To Measure 

Measuring the area for a custom window installation is crucial to ensure a successful installation. Failing to do so could lead to faulty installation, leaks, or crooked windows. First, measure from outside of your home to the brickwork edge. Then measure the depth of the window opening, which is also important. Next, measure the width of your replacement window from jamb to jamb. This requires three measurements, one in the bottom, middle, and top sections of the frame.  

Record each measurement and circle or highlight the smallest one. Use these shortest width and height measurements when ordering the window. The manufacturer will subtract 1/4 inch from these measurements and cut the new window to fit within 1/8 inch. This will give you the best fit possible. 

Clear The Area 

A quality window installer will be using heavy equipment, so they need to have plenty of room to work. Clear the area for the installation by moving furniture a minimum of four feet away from the openings to be worked on and trimming any bushes or trees that may block safe access. 

Prepare The Walls 

Before your windows are installed, a contractor should prepare the walls for a proper installation. This includes removing any wall coverings, installing tarps, and keeping the area clean of debris. A good quality window installation crew should also take care to fill any gaps in the framing with a weather barrier and install flashing tape around the perimeter. This will keep the frame properly sealed against the elements and prevent rot and other forms of damage from occurring. 


A high-quality window installation team will use shims to make sure the new windows are properly leveled. Shims are long, thin beams that are placed in the gap between the window and the frame. These small wedges will shift the window slightly and allow for proper leveling and a better life expectancy. 

Schedule The Installation 

If you’re planning to order custom windows, it’s important that you schedule the installation as soon as possible. This can help ensure that your windows arrive in time for the painting, tile work or other projects you might have planned. When ordering custom windows, it’s important to understand the process and how long it takes to manufacture. The typical window production time is 6 to 8 weeks, although it can vary depending on the options you choose.