The Tools You’ll Need for a Stained Glass Workshop

When starting your stained glass journey, there are a number of tools for stained glass making. Here we will outline just a few tools that are helpful.

Each artist will discover their personal favorite tools as they work on more and more projects. You can talk with a stained glass professional to learn more about which tools you should use. So, what are the basic tools for stained glass?

The Helping Hand

Soldering requires that objects remain steady through the course of the work. This device features a flexible body that can be positioned according to your needs.

It clamps securely to your desk, which is very important. The clamps located on the opposite end hold your project with a tight grip to ensure precise work.

Toyo Custom Grip Supercutter

The shape and saddle of this cutting device make it easy to use. It can assist with both downward pressure and also helps with control.

You will not need to grip too hard, so your hand can relax. This is a good option for those who have trouble gripping and pressing simultaneously.

Strip and Circle Glass Cutter  

A strip cutter comes in handy when making boxes or lamps. This is the perfect tool for making several identical cuts of geometric shapes. Users love that this device is accurate and helps to speed up the process of cutting out many shapes.

Studio Pro 3/8 Breaker Pliers

This handy tool will help with cutting and can save you hours of grinding. The pliers are spring-loaded. This can save some time as they are always open. This is handy when you are trying to stay focused in front of you. This particular brand seems to last longer than other brands.

Silberschnitt Glass Cut Running Pliers

Running pliers can help with cutting curves. They are also useful when cutting shapes that have narrow sections. This brand features an adjustable rubber pad. The pad is twisted to follow the direction of the score.

Glass Grinding Tools

Glass grinding is an important part of the stained glass creation process. It is important to have quality glass grinding tools in your stained glass workshop.

When looking for the tools you’ll need for a stained glass workshop, glass grinding tools are a must. Users report the Inland brand of glass grinding tool to be a reliable and affordable option.

Renaissance Wax

Wax is also an important material you will need for several aspects of stained glass creation. It is important to talk with stained glass professionals to understand what type of wax you need for various projects.

Renaissance Wax is hailed by many stained glass enthusiasts as the best option. It is known for delaying oxidation. Although you can be expensive, artists usually only need to use a small bit at a time, which balances out the costs.

Tools of the Trade

There is no hard and fast list of which tools you will need in this artistic journey. The best way to start assembling your tools is to talk to other stained glass professionals and try out different tools to see what works best for you.