Decorate Your Home with Stained Glass Windows

Residential stained glass might sound like an ornate decorative option, but today, stained glass is often used in homes to create an accent and add style and character to the home. Stained glass is now much more affordable than it was in the past, so its popularity is growing.

This short guide will provide you with information on decorating with stained glass windows.

Why You Should Decorate Your Home With Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass is an ancient art form that continues to inspire us today. Although in the past stained glass was primarily reserved for churches and palaces, the art form eventually made its way into homes.

Stained glass is one way you can create a statement in even a small space. Every room has windows, and by installing a stained glass window into what would otherwise be a boring room, you can create something truly special.

If you have a home that is already stately, the addition of stained glass simply makes sense to add color and character as well.

What to Know About Decorating With Stained Glass Windows

If you decide to make the plunge by adding stained glass to your home, there are a few decorating considerations you should keep in mind.

Add Contrast: Stained glass is considered to be old-fashioned and eclectic. If you want your space to retain a modern feel, it is important to contrast the stained glass with other modern elements in your space.

Coupling stained glass with sleek, modern furniture is a great way to bring the best of both worlds into your space.

Offset with white trim: Another good way to utilize stained glass is to offset with white trim. The white trim will help the stained glass to stand out. The stained glass is a work of art, so you should think of the trim surrounding the glass as the frame for that art.

Use your natural light: When installing stained glass, consider how the natural light hits your home. Try to plan the location of stained glass to maximize this natural light in the space. If you have a room that is already darker, remember that stained glass might darken the room further. You may want to consider uncovering additional windows in the room to offset this effect.

Use colors and patterns: When designing or choosing stained glass, be sure to consider your color choice wisely. Remember, this is a work of art that will permanently stay in your home. You want the colors and patterns to work together seamlessly. You do not want clashing colors or patterns that create a busy appearance.

It is also a good idea to use one or two of the colors from the stained glass to utilize in other areas of the room such as furniture or floor coverings.

Choose Installation Carefully

Having stained glass installed in your home is not the same as regular handy work. You need a skilled professional who specializes in stained glass. Be sure to do your research when choosing these professionals.

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