Brand Spotlight: Wissmach Glass Company

If you enjoy working with stained glass and the related tools and materials necessary to create your latest work of art, consider using Wissmach Glass. What is Wissmach glass? Let’s discuss what makes Wissmach glass a wonderful and unique option for all of your stained glass needs.

First, a few facts about Wissmach Glass Company. The company was founded in 1904. With over 100 years of producing top-quality stained glass in Paden City, West Virginia, the company has the knowledge and pays attention to detail to produce the best quality sheets of colorful stained glass for all of your artistic needs. 

When discussing the Wissmach Glass brand information, some details stand out. First, the number of years they’ve been working at perfecting their craft. Now in its 118th year of doing business and producing top-notch stained glass, Wissmach Glass knows the ins and outs of making its distinctive and amazing stained glass. 

The process is detailed and thorough. The Wissmach Glass Company has a warehouse full of natural gas-running brick stoves. Fourteen, to be exact. The sand, limestone, and soda ash are heated to a temperature of over 2200 degrees Fahrenheit. The different mixtures of secondary ingredients are added to give each set of glass panes a unique coloring and texture. 

The next step in the process is removing the molten glass from the furnace and wheeling it over to a glass press. This is where the roller presses the molten glass into one of eighteen patterns that the company currently produces. From there, it is placed on a 125-foot conveyor belt, where it is then run through a temperature-regulated kiln called a "lehr." This allows for the sheets of glass to be cooled.

Slowly but surely, it travels and cools through the lehr, which gives the glass its durability. This helps to prevent breaking, shattering, or any heat-related damage. At the end of the conveyor, the glass workers carefully remove the cooled sheets of glass, which are then cut to the desired size and shape. 

With many beautiful colors and patterns to choose from, Wissmach Glass offers appealing and colorful choices for artists who work with stained glass. Their many years of experience and unique method of careful, detail-oriented, methodical glass-making ensures a top-quality product for you to choose when working on your latest work of stained-glass art. Check out their factory if you find yourself anywhere near their location.