Top Tips For Spring Window Maintenance

Maintenance,man,is,fixing,windows,in,a,living,room,usingTop Tips For Spring Window Maintenance

With spring finally here, it’s time to show your home some love. One of the most important parts of your home that needs regular care is your windows after all. Keeping your window clean and functioning properly will help you enjoy the season and prevent expensive repairs in the future. That’s why we’re sharing our top tips to help you get your windows ready for spring and spring cleaning!

Cleaning The Glass

As the weather warms and trees bud, spring is an ideal time to start taking care of your windows. Investing a little time into cleaning and maintenance ensures your windows stay looking great throughout the year. In addition to making the glass look better, it’s also important to protect them from birds, insects and other pests that can cause damage to the exterior. Regular window maintenance is an easy and affordable way to maintain your home’s beauty. Using soap and water is the best way to clean glass. It doesn’t build up static, flecks and streaks, and it doesn’t require as much elbow grease as other methods.


Check your weather-stripping every year or so to ensure it’s still doing its job and doesn’t need to be replaced. You can do this by shining a light over the stripping to see if there’s any air movement or wind coming through it.  If you don’t notice any air movement or wind, but you do notice a decrease in indoor temperature or a higher energy bill, your weather-stripping is probably worn out and may need replacing.

Locks And Hinges

While most homeowners focus on the glass and frames, locking and hinges should be a top priority when cleaning and maintaining your window systems. They can become dirty over time, which may require a thorough spring washing to clean away dirt and grime. Lubricate your locks and hinges to prolong their life and decrease the possibility of mechanical failure or expensive repairs. As such, be sure to spray lubricant on your hinges and lock mechanisms twice or three times a year to reduce friction and prevent rusting.

Window Screens

After a long winter full of closed windows and harsh winds, window screens have a tendency to collect dust and dirt over time. Cleaning them off before storage takes care of one more spring cleaning chore, and will help keep your windows squeaky clean when you open them again. In addition to removing and wiping down the screen itself, inspect the frame for any rips, tears or holes. This will help you decide if it’s best to replace the screens or repair them. If a tear or hole is small enough, it’s usually possible to repair it rather than replacing it. If a hole is large, it may be best to replace the screen altogether.

Interested in getting some maintenance done for your windows this season? Be sure to contact our glass experts here at Smiths’ Stained Glass to learn more about what we can do for all of your window needs!