5 Tips for Choosing Colors for Stained Glass

When we think of stained glass, images like cathedrals and period architecture come to mind. In fact, stained glass is said to be around since Ancient Egyptian times and also Ancient Rome. It’s often seen in churches and other grand buildings. Still, stained glass has become a trend in modern architecture and décor once more. Now you too can choose from the best colors for stained glass for your home. 

Have you always admired the stained-glass aesthetic and wondered about it for your place? Wonder no more because today we’re helping you choose stained glass color with these easy tips.

Tip #1 Opt for Neutral Color

Stained glass is often seen in various colors inside a building, and the psychedelic-like color and patterns make it a beautiful sight to behold. However, you may not want the mix of colors in your personal space, and if this is the case, then go for the best way to choose colors for stained glass suited to your living areas.

Neutral colors make it easy to blend other color elements alongside it without being afraid that the color will clash. Sometimes, if you’re using stained glass instead of tiles or as part of your shower glass, then a color such as blue will work nicely into the water theme.

Tip #2 Use Reciprocal Colors

One of the best ways to choose colors for stained glass is to opt for colors that pair well with each other. These colors are called Reciprocal colors on a color wheel and may include warm colors like yellow, orange and red. There are also cool colors that include blue to green.

Tip #3 Also Consider Opposite Colors

The opposite colors are great. For instance, opt for bright colors like red and blue or green and orange. While they’re not reciprocal, they are high-contrast and stand out nicely next to each other. Bright, efficient colors are often used in stained glass, making them attractive to the eye.

Tip #4 Monochrome Color

You can go for monochrome in stained glass colors if you want. Monochromes are those colors that are near the same. For example, colors of the same class, like yellow, spread over many shades of the same yellow. Monochromatic works well when choosing best colors for stained glass.

Tip #5 Choose Suitable Glass Design for Color

It’s no secret that some colors reflect better off certain surfaces. For instance, using a cathedral type of stained glass will offer more of a translucent effect than a bevel or opaque one. What are the best colors for stained glass? That depends on your decor, theme and type of glass you use. 


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