Brand Spotlight: Kokomo Opalescent Glass

Kokomo Opalescent Glass is the leading provider of glass-making supplies in Indiana. We are located in Kokomo, where we first established our glass supplies service in 1888. Kokomo Opalescent Glass since has become a leading global provider of the finest glass-making supplies.

We are the nation’s oldest maker of hand-cast, cathedral, and opalescent glass and enjoy a global reputation for excellence. Our glass products and glass-making supplies are the finest available anywhere and of the highest quality.

Kokomo Opalescent Glass produces the finest hand-mixed sheet glass and led the development of opalescent glass. We are the global leader in producing the finest quality opalescent glass and have hundreds of color recipes and documented color combinations that we produce in varying textures and densities.

Opalescent Glass Explained

Opalescent refers to the semi-opaque and sometimes clear glass that is opalescent at the center. The center has a milky opalescence that typically occurs due to a slower cooling of molten glass. The slower cooling creates a more crystalized glass that glows when struck by light from the front.

Kokomo Opalescent Glass produces the finest examples of the highly desired sheet glass for use in the finest stained glass works. Our sheet glass supplies are used in architecture, decorative furnishings, and artworks alike because we make the world’s finest.

We have hundreds of specialty colors and hues that make our opalescent glass stand out among all others. Kokomo Opalescent Glass comes in a wide variety of colors, densities, and opaqueness that enable our clients and customers to create truly outstanding works of art.

Many Exceptional Uses for Kokomo Opalescent Glass

Because our inventory consistently ranks among the world’s premier glass-making supplies, Kokomo Opalescent glass has been in great demand for nearly 150 years. Our opalescent glass is what Tiffany & Company used to create some of the world’s finest decorative furnishings that continue to sell for very high prices.

Many other internationally known and respected companies and stained glass artisans continue to use our glass supplies to create truly stunning works of art. Many of them also are highly functional and demonstrate the durability, quality, and beauty of the world’s best opalescent glass.

Kokomo Opalescent Glass is located in Kokomo, IN, and is open every day except Sunday. We provide studio and hobby glass sales as well as the finest opalescent glass in the Midwest. You can stop by our Kokomo facility to learn more and enjoy viewing the world’s finest opalescent glass and glass making supplies.