8 Essential Tools You’ll Need for Beginner Stained Glass Classes

Stained glass is a centuries-old art form that continues to impress and cause a sense of awe. It can create visual panels that record history, display beauty, and flood rooms with stunning light and colors.

If you ever want to learn how the art form works, stained glass classes are fun and affordable. All you need are the following eight tools and someone to teach you.

1. Glass Cutter

A glass cutter is essential to enable you to shape the glass exactly as you need it. The glass cutter creates the score line that becomes the edge of your glass piece.

2. Grinding Stone

A grinding stone helps you to smooth and shape the glass edges while getting rid of any bits of glass that you do not want. The grinding stone makes it possible to create smooth edges along the pieces of stained glass.

3. Running Pliers

Running pliers enable you to put pressure on the score marks of glass after you use a glass cutter. The pliers enable you to create long pieces of glass that are cut and sized for your needs.

4. Breaking Pliers

The score line will leave small bits of glass that you need to remove prior to using the grinding stone. The breaking pliers will break off the small bits that are too small for your hand and fingers.

5. Copper Foil Tape

You need copper foil tape that will adhere to the edges of the stained glass pieces. Solder will not stick to the glass, but it will stick to the copper foil that you stuck to the edges of the glass.

6. Soldering Iron

You need a soldering iron to melt the solder that holds the glass pieces together. Without it, you cannot create your works of art.

7. Solder

The solder is what holds the copper-edged pieces of stained glass together. You can place the solder exactly where you need it and use the soldering iron to drip it into place.

8. Flux

Flux removes the layer of oxide that occurs when you apply solder to stained glass. The flux makes it possible for the solder to create a stronger and more effective bond.

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