10 DIY Homemade Stained Glass Window Plans

Stained glass windows are not just for places of worship. They are also excellent for homes as well. All you need to know is how to make stained glass at home, and how to make it look outstanding. If you would like to look at some DIY stained glass window ideas, you have come to the right place. We have ideas just like that for you. Here at Smiths’ Stained Glass, we believe everyone should get to enjoy the beauty of stained glass windows. 

Obtain High-Quality Glass

Make sure you are only working with the highest-quality glass so that the final result will be what you need it to be. If you use something a little cheaper, this will shine through in the final result. 

Clean the Glass

Always make sure you start by completely cleaning the glass with rubbing alcohol or another cleaning substance that will allow you to work with a clean surface to begin the project.

Pour the Stain Glass Leading

You will want to create a look as if the glass has all come together even though it at first appears like a thousand puzzle pieces. Pour the leading to get precisely the effect you are going for. 

Allow the Leading To Dry

This will take about six to eight hours to allow the leading to completely dry. You will need to do so before moving on to another step. 

Mix Your Colors

Decide which colors you would like to see in your stained glass window and mix them together to get exactly the tints you want.

Use a Toothpick or Cotton Swab To Add the Color

You can be as artistic as you want with how you paint your colors into the different panes of glass. Make sure you mix the colors into the shapes and designs you ultimately want to see when the project is completed. You will love what it looks like as you swirl and move your toothpick through the various panes of glass to get exactly the effect you are going for. 

Think Two Steps Ahead

Always try to think ahead when you are working with stained glass. Things can get messy really quickly if you do not plan ahead and figure out what you need to do next. 

Allow the Paint To Settle In 

Make sure you give the paint enough time to settle into the glass. 

Make Sure Everything Turned Out Just Right

Do a quality inspection at the end to ensure that everything turned out just the way that you wanted it to. 

Place Your Stained Glass Wherever You Want It To Go 

When the work is done, it is time to place your stained glass exactly where you need it to go. Don’t delay, this is the most exciting part of the whole experience. The hard work is done, and now you can enjoy your efforts.