How Stained Glass Can Positively Impact Mental Health

Mental health is something that greatly affects the lives of many. While some remain blissfully unaware of this and continue living life as they see fit, others struggle with it daily. Whether it’s depression, anxiety, or another mental illness, the effects can be detrimental. 

But what if there was a way to help improve your mental health? The answer is simple – staining glass. The art of stained glass has been around for centuries and continues to help many people find peace in their lives. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how stained glass can positively impact your mental health, keep reading!

Why Is Stained Glass Good for Mental Health?

The presence of any window in your home can have a positive impact on your mental and emotional health. The presence of any form of light itself is known to make people feel happier and more excited in general. 

Having a window light source inside the home also makes it easier for your circadian rhythm to stay regulated — in other words, it helps with your sleep patterns.

Stained glass falls under the category of translucent glass. By having stained glass in your home, this type of transparent glass gives you both privacy and the mental benefit of having a natural light source. Translucent glass is the second-best type of glass, behind transparent, to have in your home for mental health.

What Kind of Mental Issues Can Stained Glass Help With?

When you have a stained glass window, you can play around with different types of shapes, patterns, and designs. The shape of your window can affect what type of mental issue you will get help with.

For example, those suffering from anxiety often feel more comfortable with circle-shaped windows. Circles tend to give people a sense of ease. However, square windows are best for people with paranoia since they provide a sense of security. 

If you are dealing with depression, a triangular glass window may help. Triangles represent balance and movement and encourage the feeling of moving forward or up and away from past troubles. 

Thanks to the design of stained glass windows, one can have different shapes within the glass itself in addition to the frame.

Benefits of Stained Glass Making for Mental Health

Taking a stained glass class is a great way to use art therapy to put your mind at ease. Making art such as stained glass has been proven to create a sense of calm. The creative colors of the glass are inviting and calming for the eyes.

You will have a sense of accomplishment and good memories from your completed stained glass project. Such good feelings can help ease depression.

Stained Glass Is Great for Mental Health

In conclusion, stained glass is great for the mind in many ways. This type of translucent window is a great source of natural light that also provides privacy. However, you can also create your unique stained glass by taking a glass-making class. Making stained glass as a hobby is a great way to ease your mental issues and give you a fun sense of accomplishment.