Most Stunning Stained Glass Projects in the World

Stained glass is one of the things that can bring virtually anyone joy, and that is why we tend to focus on it here at Smiths’ Stained Glass. We know that many people from around the planet care about getting the best stained glass that they possibly can. To emphasize how important stained glass artwork is to people all around the world, we want to make sure that people know about some of the best known stained glass artwork in history. 

The Best Stained Glass Artwork in History

There are a number of stained glass pieces from throughout history that have taken our breath away. A few examples of this include: 

Notre Dame, Paris

This incredible cathedral has dazzled visitors for hundreds of years. The building itself is incredible, and the stained glass added throughout the building is truly dazzling. One window in the building has been in place since 1260 and has 84 individual panes of stained glass. Now that is a true testament to the longevity and beauty of stained glass over the years! 

Paulu De La Musica Catalana, Barcelona

This piece was commissioned in 1908, and it creates the image of a 3-D rendering of the sun. That is something that people really like to stare at for a long time as they take in the true beauty of a piece like this. Who could blame you for wanting to take a look around this fine piece of art and see all of the details and work that have gone into creating something like this? It is magnificent in every sense of the word. 

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

The high stained glass ceilings are a primary feature of what you will see at this particular location. First opened in 1968, this location has remained a staple as a tourist attraction for many people throughout Australia and other parts of the world. They love to come and see the high ceilings, which are a major part of what makes this location so interesting. 

What Are the Most Popular Stained Glass Works? 

Everything that has been mentioned here today should certainly be included when thinking about what the most popular stained glass works from throughout history are. These are the kinds of structures you absolutely need to be on the lookout for as a tourist and even as an everyday person who just wants to learn a little more about stained glass and its impact. There is something great about providing people with the opportunity to see the wonders of stained glass and all it can bring to the table. 

The most popular works are clearly those that have an incredible amount of detail and craftsmanship to them. They are reserved for museums. However, anyone can have a little piece of that in their own home or business if they choose to do so.