Using a Vintage Plate in Stained Glass

For a millennium, people have been making stained glass art. Its regal and ornate beauty are unmatched by other art forms—and fewer mediums have as much cultural significance as stained glass art does. There’s a lot of overlap between people who like stained glass art and those who are antique enthusiasts.

Incorporating vintage plates in stained glass art is the intersection of these two artistic modes. A stained glass vintage plate can dazzle in ways that a piece of stained glass art or vintage plate alone never could.

This article will cover the use of vintage plates in stained glass art and answer some FAQs.

Is there a certain shape the vintage plate has to be to use it in a stained glass art piece?

No, not necessarily. Most vintage plates are round, and many people integrate their circular vintage plates into designs that feature a lot of squares and rectangles. Some vintage plates are squares or ovals, and those can be made into stained glass vintage plate pieces as well.

Do I have to use the whole vintage plate in my stained glass art design?

No, you don’t have to, but most people do. It would be possible to use only a portion of a vintage plate in a stained glass art project, but it would be considerably more difficult. You would either have to cut the vintage plate to fit it into your art project or smooth the edges of the vintage plate if you’re looking to use a broken piece of one.

Would I need to add color to a vintage plate if I use it for a stained glass art project?

You could if you wanted, but you don’t have to. Several artists like to use clear vintage plates within their stained glass pieces, as the surrounding colored glass offers a nice contrast to the clear vintage plate centered within the piece.

The one exception to this is if your vintage plate is so old that the glass has become discolored or yellowed. At that point, you’ll want to color-match your vintage plate to complementary colors, clean it yourself to make it clear or stain it a new color altogether.

If I’ve never worked with stained glass before, could I complete a stained glass project that implements a vintage plate?

You probably could, as there are numerous books and online videos available detailing the process of creating stained glass art, but there’s no substitution for professional instruction and for working with other people who have experience working with stained glass.

There are likely stained glass art classes available in your area, and you could surely get some helpful pointers there in addition to being able to meet other stained glass art aficionados who could help you with your first piece.

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