Five Stained Glass Design Tips for Styling a Room

While stained glass has been around for millennia, it’s still on-trend when it comes to home design. Stained glass styling isn’t hard if you think about the material creatively and determine how to best incorporate it into the aesthetics of your interior spaces. Try these design tips for stained glass to add beauty, character and visual interest to your home.

Stained glass partitions and screens

While zoning of interior spaces is typically accomplished with plasterboard partitions or glass walls, you can use stained glass to indicate separations of space in a much more innovative way. You’ll get the added privacy you want without sacrificing style. Choose a custom design to give your space a personal touch, or use an uncolored, opaque glass for a simple, modern look.

Stained glass windows

Of course, windows are the most traditional way to incorporate stained glass into a home. A high-quality stained glass window adds unique character to any room, and you can even personalize the patterns and imagery to tell a story or complement the overall design of your property.

Stained glass windows provide the added benefit of extra privacy. You’ll still be able to take advantage of the light filtering through the window—making your interior spaces brighter—but you’ll also have more privacy if you choose more opaque glass elements in the window’s design.

Stained glass kitchen backsplash

Looking to spice things up in the kitchen? A stained glass backsplash is an inexpensive but effective way to enhance the aesthetics of your cooking space. Stained glass is often much cheaper than more common and forgettable materials like ceramic, stone or metal—and it’s just as functional.

Work with a stained glass expert to customize the colors and patterns for your backsplash. Whether you’re going for an informal look or something more modern and elegant, stained glass gives you the opportunity to completely customize your backsplash and protect your walls from damage or stains in the most stylish of ways. As an added bonus, compared to other materials, stained glass backsplashes are easier to clean and maintain.

Stained glass doors

A solid door blocks light from flowing into your home. Incorporate a stained glass element into your door to let in the light while not compromising privacy. Stained glass allows light to shine through and brighten up your space, and using semi-transparent or opaque elements gives you the privacy you need.

Stained glass shower doors

Want to give your bathroom a stylish upgrade? Swap out your traditional glass shower door with one that features stained glass elements. Stained glass shower surrounds can help you transform a dull bathroom into one with color and light, accenting even the smallest of spaces without completely overwhelming them. This stained glass styling tip instantly makes your morning showers much more colorful and enjoyable.

Looking for more design tips for stained glass? Smiths’ Stained Glass is here to help. Using our decades of experience in the industry, we can handcraft one-of-a-kind stained glass elements that transform the look and feel of your interior spaces. Reach out today to learn more.