How to Improve Your Home’s Resale Value with Custom Stained Glass Windows

Homeowners know that making upgrades and improvements will both improve your life while you’re in the home and then boost the home’s value when it’s time to sell. The upgrades that make the biggest impact in resale value are those that surprise and delight potential buyers.

That’s one of the reasons many homeowners are having stained glass windows installed in their homes. These can be a beautiful addition to any property that you will enjoy for years to come—then the investment will pay off when you decide to move on.

Improving resale value of my home

Many people think of bathroom and kitchen renovations as those with high return on investment (ROI). While these practical updates can certainly help, those with a wow factor may be just as valuable. Adding custom stained glass to your home will boost its curb appeal and, in turn, increase the value of your property.

Benefits of custom stained glass windows

Your home is your most valued asset. You want to take good care of it while you’re there; then, when it’s time to move, you’ll be prepared to put the home on the market. Finding ways to make it more beautiful will pay dividends.

Custom stained glass is a feature that adds a touch of art to any home. Not only does it appear beautiful, but it also has practical benefits. These windows allow natural light to flow in while still offering privacy that traditional windows don’t.

The data show that adding stained glass is a smart financial decision. One study found that buyers perceived a home with stained glass to be more valuable than one without it that was otherwise identical. While the exact amount of ROI will vary with market and local conditions, rest assured that buyers will be willing to spend up for this feature.

Where to add custom stained glass windows in your home

These windows are a versatile feature that can be used both to replace windows on the exterior and as decorative pieces on the interior. Because these are custom made, that means you get to select the exact shade of color as well as the design you desire.

Here are some popular uses for stained glass windows:

  • Replace a transom window with decorative glass
  • Create beautiful cabinet and pantry doors with a stained glass cutout insert
  • Switch out a window in the bathroom with a stained glass piece to add privacy
  • Draw the eye to certain parts of your kitchen with a custom stained glass design that’s all your own
  • Replace the flat glass used in sidelights with stained glass for a bit more privacy

If you’re searching for custom glass services, Smiths’ Stained Glass is here to help. Our glass experts are pros at making homes look beautiful. We’re here to preserve the unique identity of your home and create gorgeous, custom glass pieces that will last for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about our services and request a free quote.