Use Stained Glass to Modernize Your Home

What comes to mind when you think of decorative stained glass for homes in Monterey County, CA? Do you think modern, chic or trendy? Because stained glass is often associated with older buildings such as cathedrals, homeowners can miss the opportunity to use this feature to modernize their space. The fact is, the careful use of trendy stained glass is the perfect way to modernize a home with a unique look.

Not sure how to use decorative stained glass for your home? Here are some top ideas from industry-leading designers. Incorporating these ideas into your home’s design will create a beautiful, unique interior that sets your home apart:

  • Entry surround: Add wow factor to your foyer with elegantly trendy stained glass in Monterey County, CA. Rather than simple panel glass beside or above your front door, install decorative stained glass for homes.
  • Ceiling panels: Say goodbye to plain-Jane panels or outdated popcorn ceilings. Use trendy stained glass to create a beautiful ceiling made of multiple pieces of unique glass.
  • Headboard: Why settle for a typical wooden or fabric headboard in the master bedroom when you can have a beautiful stained-glass headboard? You don’t need to choose a piece of artwork to hang above your pillows. Instead, integrate trendy stained glass in Monterey County, CA into the room’s décor.
  • Kitchen window: The kitchen is the heart of the home. Add beauty and warmth to this family hub with a stained-glass window over the sink. This will bring amazing color and light to the space to make it unique and inviting.
  • Interior doors: Six-panel doors have their place, but trendy stained glass in Monterey County, CA can create a beautiful interior entry. Make the entrance to your den elegant and inspiring, or add a touch of class to your master bedroom door with custom stained glass.
  • Light fixtures: The options for light fixtures are nearly limitless. From small hallway fixtures to large foyer chandeliers, trendy stained glass is the ideal way to enhance the lighting of a home.
  • Overhead panels: Insert stained glass above room entries to add elegance to the home. Double-wide doorways are the perfect place to incorporate stained glass for a unique look.
  • Shower doors: Don’t overlook the bathroom as a potential place for decorative stained glass for homes in Monterey County, CA. A custom design can create a beautiful shower door that transforms your space into an in-home oasis.

Get more ideas

These suggestions are just the beginning. From wall art to faux windows, stained glass can be incorporated into so many areas of the home. For expert input to help design your unique look, contact the team at Smiths’ Stained Glass. We specialize in an array of stained glass services, including custom window designs, glass repair, workshops and more. Our glass professionals are ready to answer any questions you have and get started on your custom project. Reach us today at 831-663-0334. We look forward to discussing your needs and turning your stained glass vision into a reality!